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Anishaa Balaji : The Dale Anne Freed Scholarship

Oct. 12, 2021

“Dale Anne viewed each day with joy and passion,” says her sister Jane Vic 7T4, “and she leapt into the fray with vigour and the heart of a knight. I cannot think of a better legacy than to encourage today’s Vic students to do the same.”

The legacy of Dale Anne Freed Vic 7T2 is memorialized at Vic through her family’s generosity. She is fondly remembered as a seeker of truth having worked as an investigative journalist and as a humanist in spirit. “I think it would please Dale Anne to be helping students,” says Jane. A longstanding and generous supporter of the College, Jane established the Dale Anne Freed Bursary and the Dale Anne Freed Scholarship following her sister’s passing. She did so in partnership with her sister Lynne Vic 7T7 and other members of the Freed family.

Jane has continued to support both awards in the years since their establishment. She is also a member of Victoria University’s Heritage Society, having confirmed a provision for Victoria in her estate plans, and is a Permanent Member of the Victoria University Chancellor’s Council. “We are stronger and more confident because of our university,” says Jane, looking back at her time as a Victoria College student. For the Freed sisters, including Lynne’s daughter, Alexandria McCorkindale Vic 1T3, Victoria College was a touchstone. “Vic changed us,” she says, “preparing us for our life’s travels and challenges.”

Anishaa Balaji  wearing a blue blouse. Third-year student Anishaa Balaji is this year’s recipient of the Dale Anne Freed Scholarship for her impressive academic performance in her second year. She is currently pursuing a double major in physiology and immunology with a minor in psychology. It is important to her that she continues to engage in extra-curricular activities and interests, and so she always makes time to read for pleasure. She loves to dance, and, for the last 10 years, has practised an Indian classical dance called Bharatnatyam. She has found that learning this has helped her to develop and value discipline and hard work, which in turn have helped to propel her towards academic success by shaping her habits. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in healthcare. “Receiving this award motivates me to continue to put my best foot forward in my academics. I feel thankful to have received this award and it inspires me to further my academic career with more determination.”

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