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Faith Wershba Receives The Elizabeth (Eastlake) Vosburgh Scholarship

Oct. 09, 2020

Faith WershbaThe Elizabeth (Eastlake) Vosburgh Scholarship has been awarded to second-year Vic student, Faith Wershba. She is studying human biology, immunology, and history & philosophy of science. Wershba is deeply interested in scientific epistemology and the nature of scientific knowledge; scientific communication to the public; and research in cell biology. She also confesses to having an uncommon love of copyediting and as such works as the senior copyeditor of The Strand. Wershba is an international student and winning this scholarship makes her very grateful to her donor. “Many awards apply only to domestic students or to students in a particular field of study, and it can be overwhelming to seek out scholarships amongst the flood of associated information and criteria,” she says. “To receive recognition for my work is deeply affirming, and being awarded this scholarship out of the blue was a lovely surprise. I thank my donor for their contribution to my education which allows me to pursue my curiosities, and encourages me to continue working, learning and questioning.”


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