My Days at Vic

I was only at Vic 2 years as I transferred there from PHE and hence, in order not to lose a year, continued to major in science type courses and had very few classes on the Vic campus. I do recall the mad dash to English class from the labs down near College St. I had explained to Dr. Love that I would likely be late as I rushed from the zoology lab to his English on the 3rd floor of Vic. I was one on the ones responsible for the worn grooves in the stairs as I hot-footed it up. I recall when the Asian flu went through that I was barely settled and all was quiet when Dr. Love put his head down on the desk and said that he was sorry that he would have to leave and apologized for cancelling the class. I got the flu a bit later and was somewhat glad to have missed a Greek and Roman history test but my joy was short-lived. The day I returned, still rather wobbly, the test was plunked in front of me and I ( who hadn't studied) was expected to write the test in class while the lecture went on for the rest of the students. The prof, on reading my submisson, tersely remarked that ' he was not impressed!' Neither was I!

I was a decent student and vowed not to perfect my bridge game so I wouldn't be tempted to be a 4th at the continuous Wymylwood sp?contests and only missed a few classes. However, in my last year, I was heavily involved with the Bob Review and went to dress rehearsals rather than zoology lab. Imagine my disgust when the big exam focussed mainly on the only labs I had missed.

But what fun the Bob Review was. Little did I know at the time that the characters who were mucking about with me ( like frosh Peggy Atwood, Alexandra Johnston choreographer Miriam Skey and assisstant Dennis Lee ) would go on to become recognized for contributions in various fields. I humbly created music they sang and pranced about the stage to, none of it ever to be heard again after the show.

We had our new hour Broadway group, too, and managed to combine a collection of songs into a running skit with loosely- joined plot. It was continued as a tribute to Bill Taylor a remarkable Vic student and close friend of my brother, Stan, whose death struck a chord in so many of us. As a prank he was climbing up the outside of a dorm to surprise his girlfriend when he slipped and fell, dying of head injuries. I heard my brother pacing long into the night after the news hit. Bill was a social guy who was involved in the Bob and similar activities. He vowed to meet 1000 new people while on campus and I think his little book had recorded names somewhere in the 700s when he died. He drove me all the way out to my home in Scarborough one night as we needed record player with a speaker ( which we had for calling square dancing) so he could run some sort of gathering. His death hit young people very hard and a book of poetry from close friends was one offshoot as we struggled to deal with the sad event.

How I envied the students who lived in residence and were spared the long commute each day. In my time (50s) there weren't enough residences for all, so a boundary limit was in place beyond which one had to reside in order to apply to live on campus. I couldn't have afforded the fees anyway, but come Bob time and when I ws playing basketball on the Vic team etc. the days were pretty long. I got in the habit of buying lunch at Wymylwood at noon and brown-bagging it for supper when the meals cost more. I would try and do some studing or work after class and before rehearsals but often curled up on the old sofas in the Vic basement for a break. I got home pretty late...via street car and subway then, and then had to leave very early the next mornning. I do recall that there were noon-hour concerts at Wymylwood for students to enjoy and one time my brother, Stan, and I gave a piano duet concert which people were kind enough to attend.

Still, life was an adventure and I was lucky to have the opportunity and experiences that Vic offered. We all adored Dr. Moore and he was such an asset to the college, seemed to know us all by name and was ever upbeat and encouraging.

This is what comes to mind as I recall Vic days 1957-1959.

Story Submitted by: Gwen Farrow VIC5T9

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