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Victoria University supports employees engaging in professional development activities to develop and strengthen knowledge and skills. Participation in workshops, conferences and courses related to your job is encouraged. 

If you're looking to upgrade or gain pofessional expertise in business, technology or design, consider LinkedIn Learning (formerly, which is free for all students, faculty and staff at all publicly funded Ontario universities and colleges at no cost until September 21, 2020. Read more below!

U of T also offers professional devleopment resources available through the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies  and the University of Toronto Centre for Learning, Leadership & Culture (LLC).

LinkedIn Learning

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, eCampusOntario is pleased to provide access to LinkedIn Learning (previously known as for students, faculty and staff at all publicly funded Ontario universities and colleges at no cost until September 21, 2020. 

As a staff or faculty member at Victoria University in the University of Toronto, you have access to LinkedIn Learning, an online learning resource with high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized experts. Using your UTORid to log in, you may choose from more than 1,400 online self-paced courses that cover a wide range of topics, including business, technology and design. The LinkedIn Learning platform offers customized learning experience and features instructional content relevant to your professional interests and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access LinkedIn Learning?

Direct access is available via  University of Toronto Web Login to LinkedIn Learning University of Toronto Web Login to LinkedIn Learning.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a commercial on-demand learning solution. It has more than 1,400 video tutorials. Here are some examples:

  • Office365 Essential Training
  • Leadership - Practical Skills
  • Learning Excel 2019
  • Time Management Fundamentals
  • Project Management Foundations 
  • Structuring an Effective Presentation

Who can access LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is for full and part-time students, faculty and staff at Victoria University in the University of Toronto. It is also being made available to other post-secondary institutions in Ontario.

Is there any cost to take a course?

There is no cost to take a LinkedIn Learning course. Access is funded by the Government of Ontario through eCampusOntario until September 21, 2020. 

What do I get after completing a course?

LinkedIn Learning can provide a certificate of completion for sharing electronically and posting on your Linkedin Learning profile (if you choose).

Why should I use it?

The variety of courses and the self-paced nature of this site make it an ideal way to learn new skills, share your accomplishments on your profile or augment any other education you are pursuing.

Will I still have access after I leave Victoria University?

No, free access to LinkedIn Learning will only be available to current registered students and active faculty and staff.

How can I get the most from LinkedIn Learning?

To learn how to get the most of resources, take a few minutes to review Sneak Peak - Getting to know LinkedIn Learning.

Where can I get support?

For support in use of this resource please visit the LinkedIn Learning Help Site.

Educational Assistance Policy and Tuition Waiver

Staff tuition waiver request form

In keeping with its policy objective to provide opportunities for personal development and establish a working environment that will encourage development, the University has designed this practice on Educational Assistance. Its provisions define the extent to which the University will financially assist staff to further their formal education. It is agreed that the University may amend the aforesaid Policy from time to time.

Terms of Reference 

Qualifying staff members referred to below are those staff who are eligible in terms of University service (described under ELIGIBILITY) and have academic acceptability by the Faculty, School, Centre, etc., from whom the course is to be taken and the approval of the Department Head before beginning the course as described under "Procedures."


An employee in a head technician position whether full-time, part-time of twenty-five (25) percent or more, or sessional are eligible. In the case of part-time staff members for the first three  years' continuous service, the funding is pro-rated in accordance with the part-time appointment.


  • One hundred percent of fees are waived for a qualifying staff member taking, on a part-time basis

1) A University of Toronto course, up to and including the master's level. For undergraduate courses, the maximum tuition waiver shall be limited to three (3) full courses during the fall/winter session, and one (1) full course during the summer session and reimbursement will be limited to the equivalent general arts and science course tuition fee. For master’s level programs the tuition waiver shall be limited to the part-time program fee or $3,000 dollars per academic year, whichever is less. The University will also waive the balance of degree fee, to the lesser of the equivalent remaining program fee or $3,000 per year, so long as the employee has already received a tuition waiver under this policy; or

2) A University of Toronto course taken as part of the “academic bridging” program; or

3) A University of Toronto course taken as a “special student;” or

4) A diploma or certificate program offered through Woodsworth College or other University of Toronto academic divisions, for which student are registered as University of Toronto students and receive a diploma at Convocation in accordance with the University Policy on Diploma and Certificate Programs. The maximum tuition waiver shall be limited to three full courses during the Fall/Winter session, and one (1) full course during the summer session and reimbursement will be limited to the equivalent general Arts & Science course tuition fee;

5) Courses offered by the School of Continuing Studies that are work or job related, up to a maximum of five hundred ($500) dollars per course, and personal interest courses for which a taxable benefit is assessed up to a maximum of $250 per course, with a combined maximum six courses per academic year;

Courses should be taken outside of normal working hours. However, if the course is not otherwise available, one such course at a time may be taken during normal working hours provided the approval of the department eahd is obtained and alternative work arrangements are made;

  • Fifty Percent Tuition Reimbursed

Fifty percent of tuition fees will be reimbursed to a qualifying staff member who shows successful completion of a job-related course given at a recognized educational institution (other than those in 1. above). Such courses should be taken on the staff member's own time, after normal working hours and must be either:

1) Individual skill improvement courses which are related to the staff member's present job or to jobs in the same field to which the staff member might logically aspire; or

2) Courses of study leading to undergraduate certificates, diplomas or degrees offered at recognized educational institutions. Such courses must either be an asset to the staff member in the performance of his/her present job or directly related to his/her potential career. Individual courses, even though unrelated, will qualify provided they are part of an eligible certificate, diploma or degree program.


Dayforce Learning Module

Victoria University is excited to provide staff and faculty with training courses under the Dayforce Learning Module, accessible to all staff and faculty. Throughout the course of your employment at the university you will be asked to complete a variety of training courses. Instructions are provided below. If you require assistance logging in to Dayforce, please contact HR at