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Boccocini skewers Procuitto Melon sushi platter

While many universities contract out their food service operation, Victoria University is proud of its own independently operated catering service. Under the direction of Chef Nathan Barratt, our kitchen provides an excellent variety of meals, receptions, banquets, and coffee breaks to help make your event a complete success.

We have also recently announced that our catering menu is going green by committing to local sustainable food procurement. Victoria University has pledged to support local sustainable farmers and food producers through the purchase of certified local sustainable food. We are proud of this commitment, we understand the positive effect it will have on the quality of our menus, and we know that it will go a long way towards establishing a new reputation for what’s possible for food on a university campus.

Please see our full catering menu here.

For general inquiries, please email or call 416-585-4575

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