Technical FAQ

Does the theatre have a house lighting plot?

Yes, it consists of a 15-area front-light area wash; cool and warm front light washes; 3 colours of top/back light (R26, R83, R321); warm and cool tips; and three colours of cyclorama lighting (R80, R26, R21). Please contact the Coordinator for a copy of the magic sheet.

Can I strike and reuse all, or even part, of the instruments in the lighting plot for my own lighting design?

We do not recommend striking our entire plot. If you must change the existing plot, this must be discussed with the coordinator and the technicians in advance.

Does the theatre have a backstage intercom?

Yes, the theatre is equipped with a Clearcom intercom system. There are two wall stations in the booth, and enough headsets and belt packs for 4 more stations in the theatre.

How many dimmers does the theatre have?

The theatre has 192 dimmers in total. The house lights use 184 to 192 dimmers. The house plot instruments use approximately 95 dimmers. Please see our circuit distribution map.

Does the theatre stock gel?

Yes, but only for the instruments in our house plot. Instruments that are supplied by clients will require their own gel.

Can we re-gel instruments in the house plot with different colours?

Yes, provided you supply your own gel and you restore the original colour prior to load-out.

Does the theatre stock extension cable?

Yes, enough to completely circuit our house light plot. Clients who require extra cable must bring in their own supply.

Does the Ion console support moving lights, colour scrollers, and other similar devices?

We have two moving lights on our house plot (MAC250+s), but no scrollers. Extra moving lights must be rented. For more information, please contact the coordinators.

What type of receptacles does the theatre circuiting use?


What wattage are the theatre's dimmers rated for?

2.4 kilowatt

Does the theatre have any non-dim dimmers?

What audio formats are supported?

Compact Disc, Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD and Blu-Ray Audio. DVD and Blu-Ray Audio and SACD in multichannel surround mode requires the theatre's cinema screen to be in place on stage.

Is your house audio system mono or stereo?

The house P/A system is mono.

I don't want to mix from within the booth, what are my options?

If you wish to use the house audio console or the house snake, a table can be set up at balcony level immediately to the right side of the booth. Setting up at orchestra level is also possible but will require clients to bring their own snake(s). NOTE: mixing from outside of the booth will result in the loss of at least 6 seats - adjust ticket sales accordingly.

What playback formats does the theatre support for film?

The theatre supports Blu-Ray, DVD, and DCP content. Other playback devices can be connected to the theatre's video projector using a composite video connection with RCA or HDMI connectors (provided that the client supplies a deck and all appropriate audio adaptors).

What types of projector does the theatre have?

We have a Christie IMB 2200 Digital Cinema projector in the booth, and our in-house lecture projector is a Barco 6300 LCD model, which is approximately 2200 ansi lumens.

Does the theatre supply audio and video feeds to the lobby and greenroom?

Video to the green room and dressing rooms 2 and 3, and audio only to the lobby.

Is there a program sound audio feed to the dressing rooms?

Yes. Program sound also reaches the lobby, green room, dressing room hallways, the backstage washroom on stage level, the stage right sound lock, and both crossovers.

Can I fly large objects like scenery, props, and other such set pieces?

It depends on the item. The theatre is equipped with approximately 4 counterweighted rope line sets. The theatre's design allows flying proscenium-height objects that are stationary; however, the objects cannot be flown all the way out into the fly house.

Is there a proper theatrical fly grid above the stage from which we can do our own rigging?

Yes, provided you supply a trained rigging crew. Existing counterweighted line sets can be operated by the house technician(s).

For additional information please contact Julia Culpeper at 416-585-4498 or

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