Give to the Victoria College Spring Reunion Award

This year’s honoured year classes will have the opportunity to create a new award for Victoria College students, while doubling the impact of their gift. Victoria has introduced a special matching program-The Isabel (Park) Hodgkinson Match-for endowed, in-course awards which will support Vic students who have achieved high standing. This program will provide a dollar-for-dollar match for donations to the Spring Reunion Gift to provide Victoria College students with general purpose, in-course scholarships.

To recognize and further the impact of Isabel’s gift, a portion has been designated to match endowed awards for, in her words, “worthy students.” All donations for the Spring Reunion Gift will go to create the Victoria Alumni Reunion Scholarship and will be matched by the Isabel Hodgkinson Fund. To learn more about Isabel, please read the winter 2013 issue of Vic Report.

Reuniting classes have contributed over $200,000 through the years. Programs that have benefited from these contributions include the Dean’s Experience Enhancement Fund, the June Callwood Professorship in Social Justice, and Vic One. With your help, the honoured years of Vic Spring Reunion 2013 hope to increase this total to support an even greater number of scholarships for deserving Vic students.

Please see the Spring Reunion Gift reply on the enclosed Spring Reunion registration form and make your contribution to the Spring Reunion Gift today to double the impact of your gift.


All gifts are eligible for a tax receipt.