Principal's Circle

$1,000 - $1,826 

Victoria University has a long tradition of extraordinary leaders and scholars who have served as Victoria College Principals, including Angela Esterhammer Vic 8T3, David Cook Vic 6T9,William Callahan, Alexandra Johnston Vic 6T1 and Northrop Frye Vic 3T3, Emm 3T6 at Emmanuel College Mark Toulouse, Peter Wyatt Vic 6T6, Emm 8T3, Roger Hutchinson Emm 7T5, John Hoffman Vic 5T4, William Fennell Vic 3T9, C. Douglas Jay Vic 4T6, Emm 5T0, and Kenneth Cousland at Emmanuel College.

The Principal's Circle was created to celebrate those who have helped establish Victoria College and Emmanuel College as leaders in undergraduate and theological education in Canada.

The Principal's Circle recognizes donors who contribute between $1,000-$1,826 annually. Members' names are listed in the annual report of donors in Vic Report magazine and invitations to special events.