Presidents of the VWA

The VWA is pleased to celebrate the leadership and contributions of all the presidents of the Association. Until 1964 the presidents were the wives of Vic administrators or, in the case of Margaret Addison, an administrator herself. Marguerite Fidler who was our oldest member and who just recently passed away in her 100th year was the first president not connected to the administration. She served with great enthusiasm from 1964 to 1966.

1897-1912 Margaret Burwash

1912-1921 Julia Graham

1921-1933 Margaret Addison

1933-1949 Maud Brown

1949-1958 Ethel Bennett

1958-1964 Helen Frye

1964-1966 Marguerite Fidler

1966-1968 Ruth Fallis

1968-1971 Dorothy Crummey

1971-1974 Alice Jackson

1974-1975 Ruth Hodgetts

1975-1978 Susie Eggert

1978-1980 Doris Stokes

1980-1982 Audrey McCullough

1982-1985 Joan Breukelman

1985-1988 Audrey Chapple

1988-1991 Joyce Clarke

1991-1994 Margaret Roots

1994-1999 Marian Gibson

1999-2000 Joan Breukelman & Audrey McCullough

2000-2004 Anne Sinclair

2004- Diane Dyer

Alumni & Giving