2013-2014 Executive

Honorary Presidents: Donald Burwash, Mary (Mrs.Gordon) Keyes, Rick (Massey) Somerville, Pauline Thompson

President: Diane Dyer

Vice-President: Marion Matthias

Past President: Anne Sinclair

Recording Secretaries: Diane Dyer, Ann Lewis

Corresponding Secretary: Audrey Nettleton

Jeffica Toulouse

Bursary Treasurer: Joan Breukelman

Assistant Bursary Treasurer: Tanya Basso

Membership Convenor: Ann Lewis

Assistant Membership Convenor: Vera Held

Programme Convenors: Joan Breukelman, Diane Dyer, Marion Matthias

Social Convenor: Alison Noble

Assistant Social Convenor: Julia Maturi

Rep. to the Toronto and Area Council of Women: Betty Noble

Reps. on the Margaret Addison Scholarship Committee: Joan Breukelman, Jeffica Toulouse

Ann Barrett
Ann Black
Sheila Cook
Larry Davies
Marian Gibson*
Florence Newman
Michael Schwantes
Kathy Vance
*Marian Gibson passed away unexpectedly in November 2013. A long-time member of the VWA, she served as President from 1994 to 1999. She was known for her warmth, intelligence, and commitment, and we miss her and her wise advice.

Dean of Students (ex officio): Kelley Castle

Alumni & Giving