VWA: Serving Victoria Since 1897

Please Join Us!

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the annual VWA luncheon will be held on April 15, 2020, Alumni Hall, with Irene Poetranto, Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. Cost to be determined. 

To purchase tickets, you may bring cash or cheque to the February 26, 2020 or the March 25, 2020  VWA meeting OR you may send a cheque, payable to the VWA, for the required amount to:

VWA c/o Victoria Alumni Office, 150 Charles St. W., Toronto, ON  M5S 1K9

Tickets ordered by mail may be picked up at the luncheon venue, Alumni Hall, room 112 in the Victoria College Building (Old Vic) before the lunch; doors open at 11:40 a.m.

Who are we?

The VWA, one of the oldest volunteer organizations at Victoria, is a friendly group of men and women who are interested in Victoria and Vic students and in higher education. Our members are Vic grads, friends and relatives of Vic grads and of current Vic students, Vic faculty and staff and their spouses, and members of the public who enjoy being in the university environment.

Please note:

You do not have to be a university grad or even to have any connection to Vic in order to be a VWA member! And even if your children have already graduated from Vic, we would be very happy for you to be involved. Our annual membership fee is modest ($20) and guests are always welcome.

What do we do?

1. Programmes:

Throughout the academic year the VWA hosts five afternoon programmes, presented primarily by Vic faculty and staff. Meetings end with refreshments - we charge just enough to cover costs - and with an opportunity to chat with the speaker and with other members. The year concludes in April with a luncheon and speaker followed by the AGM. Every fall we mail out our programmes, also available on this web site, to our members and donors and to the families of incoming Vic students. Please join us and bring your friends and neighbours!

2. Bursaries:

From its beginnings in the 1890s, the Association has helped students in need; it formed the first bursary fund for that purpose in 1909. Today the VWA raises money for The Endowed Bursary Fund through which it continues to assist Vic students financially. Members and donors respond generously to the Letter of Appeal that has been sent out since 1927. For the last several years the VWA Bursary Treasurer has been able to give a cheque for $10,000 to Victoria’s President at the VWA Annual Luncheon in April. (By the way, Victoria College, not the VWA, chooses the recipients.)

Scholarships: Margaret Addison Scholarship: Margaret Addison retired as Dean in 1931 and the VWA established a fund of $5,000 for her use. After Addison’s death in 1940, this fund and the money the Alumnae Association had raised were combined to form this scholarship. As a result, every other year the income is awarded to a Vic woman for graduate study outside of Canada. To donate to the Bursary Fund, please see below.

In 1978, the VWA established a scholarship in honour of Ethel Granger Bennett, a long-time VWA member and the president of the organization from 1949 to 1958. This scholarship has now become part of the Bennett Scholarship.

The Association has raised an enormous amount of money over the years for the benefit of Victoria and Vic students. These financial contributions were acknowledged when the VWA was granted lifetime membership in U of T’s Presidents’ Circle recognition society and an Arbor Award from U of T in 2013.

To contact the VWA, e-mail: 

A Word of Thanks:
The VWA is grateful for the support of Victoria’s administration, faculty, and staff, including those in Conference, Food, and Physical Plant Services. We especially appreciate the assistance of Louise Yearwood, Executive Director of Alumni Affairs and Advancement, and the members of Victoria’s Alumni Office. They all make our work and commitment so much easier.

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