2015–2016 Donor Report

Building and Preserving for Generations to Come

On behalf of Victoria University I would like to thank our donors for another year of generous and thoughtful support. Donations of named scholarships, bequests, bursaries and support for Vic’s Annual Fund allow the University’s programs to remain intellectually innovative, and our beautiful campus to be maintained and enhanced. Over the last 10 years, Vic has spent $2 million per year on capital improvements. As an example of this ongoing investment, Old Vic has been restored—one side at a time—over the course of the past four years. In the spirit of sustainability, original stones are being re-used wherever possible to reduce cost and waste. From windows to stairs, structural and historical integrity is being preserved, in addition to improving energy efficiency. Other campus efficiencies are being sought with the implementation of lighting retrofit projects. Over the past year six such projects occurred which included replacing fixtures and putting in LED light bulbs. Vic has been working with a City of Toronto rebate program that allows Vic to re-invest in more light projects once the rebate has been received. Changing to long-lasting LEDs not only saves the University money, but also provides improved efficiency, which helps the environment and reduces the amount of waste our halogen bulbs were creating. These are just two examples of your donations at work. You will find other such examples within this report.

The following donor report recognizes those donors who contributed $100 or more to Victoria College or to Emmanuel College between May 1, 2015 and April 30, 2016. Only gifts to Victoria College or to Emmanuel College are included. While all donations are greatly appreciated, space limitations preclude the listing of all donors. For the full donor listing, please visit the Alumni & Giving pages at www.vicu.utoronto. ca. An asterisk (*) following a name indicates that the donor has passed away subsequent to making his or her donation. Victoria also thanks anonymous donors.

Every effort has been made to list names accurately. If your name has been omitted or displayed incorrectly, or if you wish to change your preferred recognition name in university publications, please call the Victoria Alumni Office at 416-585-4500, toll-free at 1-888-262-9775 or e-mail vic.alumni@utoronto.ca.

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