Margaret Devitt

Like many Vic grads, I have a family history there. My Grandfather, S.G. Devitt graduated from Victoria University, U. of T., in 1913. He was my only grandparent still living when I was born. Sadly, he passed away when I was only two years old. Thinking ahead, he made some monetary provisions for my brother and me when we were born. He purchased a bond for each of us, and placed them in envelopes for us. On my envelope, he wrote, “For Margaret - To remind her that she had a Grandfather”. As I grew and matured, so also did the bond. When I graduated from Vic in 1974, I used the funds from that bond to purchase my gold Victoria University ring. Since my Convocation, that ring has never left my finger, and it is a constant reminder of my ties to the history of this great institution through the life of my wise and generous Grandfather who died far too young, but whose memory will always be kept alive, every time I look at his treasured gift - my Vic ring.

When the opportunity came to contribute to the Lester B. Pearson Garden for Peace and Understanding, I felt that special history once again stirring in my heart. I chose to honour my Grandfather by having his name and graduation year engraved on the railing that overlooks the garden. It is a place which I visit every time I have an opportunity to return to the Vic campus. I touch the engraved letters, I read his name, and I feel a sense of connection, of history and of happy peace.

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