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My name is Dawn Marie Schegel from the class of 1996.

I am honoured to be a part of this ceremony today and to stand here amongst peers, our new Chancellor and so many distinguished alumni (including a favourite professor!).

Professor Johnston, after my first class with you, Drama to 1642, year after year I would schedule the rest of my classes around what you were teaching. I was not your best student (by far) but certainly one who loved every moment in those classes.

In fact, I think I was actually lucky to graduate at all. When I first came to Vic it instantly felt like home. Coming from a very small town, there were so many people to meet and so many things to get involved in – and I got involved—everything from inner-tube water polo to student politics, orientation to managing the pub.

The 90s seemed to be a time to transition on campus. Imagine, men living in MargAd and women living in Burwash. I’m still not sure about that! The old gym was to be replaced by a shiny new McKinsey building and the tennis courts disappeared to soon become the Bader Theatre.

Amazingly, Vic continues to work its way into my daily life—so many of the people I work with and see on a regular basis have a connection with this place. I just can’t get away! Nor do I want to … involvement continues with the Alumni of Victoria College and these 175th Celebrations. By the way, mark October 13th, 2011 in your calendars! We are having a big party and you are all invited.

Thinking back in anticipation of today, here is a quick list of some of my great memories:

·  An orientation convocation address by Margaret Atwood in rhyming couplets

·  Celebrating back to back world series wins by the Toronto Blue Jays

·  Making signs on bed sheets to advertise pub nights

·  Room-arounds and tuck-ins

·  Chocolate milk at Burwash

·  The squeaky chairs in the Pratt Reading Room

·  The portrait of a floating Northrop Frye

·  Working in the Dean’s office and matching roommate for incoming frosh

·  Firedrills – and the sights that came along with that

·  “Studying” in front of 90210 (the original version) in the common room

·  Winterfest, Novemberfest and countless other Fests

·  Walking the stairs of Old Vic up to the chapel

The one thing that is more important, above all, is the greatest gift Vic gave to me that is the friendships—some sitting in this room today. People I met here, throughout my time at Vic, became a part of my life and stayed, well beyond that walk and that I the best part of this place.


Submitted by Dawn Marie Schegel, Vic 9T6

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