The Original Double Cohort

I lived in one of the Bloor Street Houses, the one named Addison House. It was a family of students from all four years of student and we had a don. We also had a funny little woman who assisted with our housework and always left us milk and crackers at night. We often had too many crackers at night.

My roommate and I had a prized room-because it was originally the kitchen and they didn’t remove the sink. This was a special treat to have our own sink in our room. I still remember fondly, living in that Bloor Street House with all 4 years and the wonderful advice that was given.
When I arrived in my first year, I was 17 and of course the war was just ending so there were 7.5 women for each man on campus! For a 17 year old girl from a small town this was quite amazing. It was so strange to get used to the city- the streetcars and the noise. And the long treks over to College and St. George to attend classes at Baldwin House.

In my second year we were members of the original double cohort- and now the gender balance had switched- the campus was filled with men who had been at war who joined with the regular enrolment of young men and women. Again being around so many men was strange for someone from a small town.

The university didn’t have time to prepare for our double cohort, the way they did a few years ago, so the campus was quite filled. Classes were filled. So much so that our 2nd year psych class had to be held in Convocation Hall, which was very strange indeed. It was difficult because it seemed too remote being so far from the professor during lecture times.

I had originally thought about attending McMaster University. My friend said, “Why not Vic? Your father went to Vic.” and I thought, “Ya, why not?”

We had daily Chapel Service, in the Vic Chapel and I often thought of my father also sitting in the same Chapel as a student, having daily services and it made it very meaningful for me to be there.

I was terribly pleased to be there. I made life long friends.

Story submitted by: Ruth (Manning) Alexander 5T0

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