Thank You for the Music

I've often heard that music is the key that helps you remember things you didn't even know you remembered.

That is Vic for me.

I was there in a very optimistic era. Around the time of Woodstock. (No I did not get there)

And Vic gave me my own musical memories, even though I majored in English.

I still remember the final evening of frosh week, walking in a long line at dusk, carrying candles, singing as we approached Old Vic: "Heed our college motto, truth shall make you free". It gave me tingles then and I still remember all the words of a song I had not heard before that night. It told me about the old Ontario strand, Vic's history, and also of the need to nurture learning."Take this lamp of learning, shield it valiantly" It was magical then. And even now I smile to remember it. But that was not the only music at Vic.

We had dances. Lots of dances. It was fun to meet so many people there from so many places and dance and talk. We knew so many different dances. It was our joy and our meeting place. It was also a way to meet people from lots of faculties and learn from their stories too, with musical accompaniment.

Or we could attend a folk performance and just stand together in the dark and listen and maybe sing along. "Where have all the flowers gone?" We were awakening to the politics of the Vietnam war, although Canadians were not involved directly.

Music man was a great musical I had the pleasure to see performed at Vic. It was so good, it inspired shy me to sign on to audition for Kismet the musical. I still remember all the Kismet songs, especially the instrumental drum song to which we three "Princesses of Ababu" made our grand entry. Occasionally I hear a song from Kismet and I am back all those years, remembering all the fun of meeting and participating with so many others in that production.Watching the live orchestra practicing their score and seeing everyone evolve into a cast and crew. Vic spirit and working together.

My final musical memories were listening to 'The Music from Big Pink' when three of us Vic girls had an apartment together. We sang along and did synchronized gestures and we called ourselves The Lovations. Just for fun. Just for us. Just for the pleasure of sharing our adventure of attending Vic and combining our joy of learning with the music of our time. We worked hard, we all graduated, and we loved every minute. Well maybe not exam time...

As I remember a song of that time, it sums it up for me: "Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end, we'd since and dance forever and a day. We'd live the life we choose; we'd fight and never lose. Those were the days; oh yes those were the days."

We had dreams and we just knew they would come true.

It was a very optimistic time. We all had our heartbreaks, and our losses, but we also expanded our world view and shared a wonderful journey to our future. And we had music.

But you know, a lot of the dreams did come true.

Thanks Vic, thank you for the music.

Story submitted by: Leslie Anne (Townsend) Joynt 6T9 

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