Margaret Stafford Vic 4T9

Looking back on a long life, I am now 83, there are three outstanding continuing results from my four years at Vic. I have happy memories of the campus and feel quite nostalgic when there is a ‘year’ reunion and I see the changes.

The first blessing is that I still have three friends from the class of ’49. All through the years, house moves and illnesses and deaths, my good friends Mary-Leah, Marty and Cordula have been constant in kindnesses, fun and reminiscences. We live in different cities, Cordula lives in Switzerland, and before that in Germany where they welcomed my husband and I one summer vacation.

The second great experience was attending the religious knowledge class of Northrop Frye. Not only do I remember his teaching, but have a proud cachet that I had such a famous teacher. Apart from that, there was an effect that changed my religious thinking. I was in my last year, age 21, and starting to question the beliefs of Sunday school, the sermons, even the hymns. Did I believe anything in the prayer book? Professor Frye lit a spark that started my searching for answers. It seemed to begin a period of upheaval which lasted a few years and resulted in a renewal and deepening of commitment to Christ. My prayer life was more conscious and my outreach more loving. I can say, looking back, that the result was my being identified in every church since, as a source of strength and understanding. I still lead a Bible study group which has been going for over 30 years. Thank you Professor Frye.

Thirdly, another elective course was fine arts and archaeology. Believe it or not, I can still remember some of the slides of flying buttresses, rose windows and Greek vases. In other words, the beauty of the world expanded my appreciation of Britain and Europe especially, so that travelling has been a thrilling part of my life with the added pleasure of reading constantly and visualizing places.

Of course there are memories of my modern language classes especially with the formidable Mademoiselle Riése. Those were growing up years and I thank God for stretching me to bounce with the ups and downs of family life and world crises.

Thanks Vic.


Submitted by Margaret Stafford Vic 4T9

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