Joan Barnes Vic 5T1

I entered Victoria College in 1948. I was 18. I did not live in residence as I lived in Toronto and took the streetcar to classes every day from where I lived in the West End. I was happy enough to be at home those years, enjoy my mother’s cooking, sleeping in my own bed, but I often felt as if I missed out on college life by not living on campus.

We were given “Big Sisters” then, someone who could theoretically navigate us through the perils of first year college. My big sister was a pretty red head, then in her senior year. Her first name was Gloria. I’ve forgotten her last name, but I do remember visiting her in her room on campus. On her dresser was a picture of a handsome young man named Don Harron.

Gloria asked me out one night. We went somewhere, can’t remember where, but her fiancé was there along with some other friends of Gloria’s. He was very good-looking, I thought. He was so clever too. He could mimic any speech, any accent. He entertained us all evening.

I married and moved to the States and have lived in New York City since 1957. I would hear of Don Harron from time to time and remember seeing him on “Hee Haw” as Charlie Farquharson..

A friend of mine sent me a clipping one day, as my friends all knew that I had met Mr. Harron. The clipping was about his divorce from his pretty red-headed wife, Gloria. I was sorry to read the story. It brought back memories of the handsome young man in the silver framed picture on Gloria’s dresser and of how proud she was of her engagement ring and of her fiancé.


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