Allan McIntosh's Fond Memories

During my years at Vic (58-62) I lived in Stephenson House, half of a large Victorian duplex on St. Mary Street. It was a “co-op” type residence set up by Dr. Fred Stephenson, a medical missionary, who endowed the University so that students who were willing to do their own cleaning, cooking etc. could learn how to live in community. We had the temerity to invite people like Dr. A.B.B. and Mrs. Moore, and Dr. and Mrs. C.C. Love, to dinner. They graciously pretended that our cooking was delightful. Some of us were students for the United Church ministry, others were in various other vocational streams. We had an international contingent all the way from Trinidad. Apart from the co-op aspect, life differed from regular residence in that each evening we would gather in the living room for community worship. Preparing that was a challenge and sharing in it enriched our growth in body, mind and spirit.

For our education we had the whole university to draw on. Libraries, professors, students from four colleges and other faculties were our resources. Studying Latin at St. Michaels, Philosophy at University College, Greek at Trinity, English at Vic, from such luminaries as Marcus Long, Northrop Frye, Jay MacPherson and many others, I was one of a highly privileged group of students. Thanks for the chance to remember again that wonder-filled time of youth.

Story submitted by: Allan McIntosh 6T2

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