Adventures with the Marg Ad Vending Machine

I came to Victoria College at the end of the 80s. I actually applied to U of T because I wanted to follow my "high school honey" and I didn't appreciate my family history at Vic until I investigated further. My aunt Jane Eberhard had graduated in 7T0 -- she used to love coming to Marg Ad to visit because the "dated" furniture we suffered with was the exact same she had had brand new! My grandfather Rudy Eberhard had graduated in the 30s and was a contemporary of Northrup Frye in North House. I actually shared this fact with Northrup Frye when he presented me with an award (his last ceremony at Vic before he passed away).

My long-lasting memory of my time in residence at Vic was in 1990. It was the Thursday before Good Friday and it was the last day of classes. There was a HUGE party at one of the boys' houses. A friend and I decided to head back to 2nd floor and we visited the vending machine in the lobby. Someone's luck hadn't been with them because they had left a chocolate bar dangling from the coil so precariously that my friend and I couldn't resist. We shook the machine; no joy. We then rocked the machine forward...and it fell on my toe. The next thing I remember is being carried into Toronto General Hospital by a cab driver. I eventually lost the toe, having corrective surgery that summer. I also hobbled my way through first year exams on crutches and Tylenol-3s. However, the Marg Ad girls had free candy for a while (during exam studying! Bonus!) and the incident was blamed on the boys from South House. Sorry lads!

Story submitted by: Amy (Eberhard) Leeke 9T3

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