The Cobourg Years: 1829-1849

The conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada votes to appoint a committee to consider establishing a seminary.

August 23: At the Conference of 1830, the constitution of the new seminary is adopted. It states: "Resolved, that this shall be purely a literary institution. That no system of Theology shall be taught therein, but all students shall be free to embrace and pursue any religious creed...".

Cobourg is selected as the site of the new Methodist seminary, to be named "The Upper Canada Academy". All interant preachers of the Conference are asked to collect subscriptions.

June 7: Laying of the cornerstone of The Upper Canada Academy.
June 18: Official opening of The Upper Canada Academy, offering pre-university instruction to both sexes.
Matthew Richey is installed as the first Principal.

October 12: The Great Seal is affixed to the Charter of The Upper Canada Academy, bringing the Academy
into official existence.

Egerton Ryerson is appointed Principal of The Upper Canada Academy.

August 27: The act changing the name of the Academy to Victoria College and giving it degree-granting powers is given royal assent.


June 21: Induction of Egerton Ryerson as Principal of Victoria College.
October ~ Instruction at the university level begins. Women are excluded from the College.


The first B.A. earned by study in course in Ontario is granted by Victoria to Oliver Springer.


Alexander MacNab is appointed Principal of Victoria College.


Matthew Richey is appointed Principal of Victoria College.

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