The Cobourg Years: 1870-1879

Founding of the Glee Club.


Inauguration of the Senior Stick, awarded annually to a Junior selected by his classmates as being "intellectually, morally, physically and erratically preeminent in virtue and otherwise, especially otherwise"(Acta Victoriana, 1885).

The Department of Theology (two years later made the Faculty of Theology) is added. Nathanael Burwash Vic 1859 is appointed Dean of Theology.


December: The first Bob party, named in honour of Robert Beare, the caretaker of Victoria. The annual Bob party, featuring farce of the broadest variety at the expense of freshman and faculty, became a Vic Institution. Since World War II, it has developed into a revue.

Founding of the V.P. Society (a science club) and the Jackson Society (a literary club for theology students).


Laying of the cornerstone of Faraday Hall, the first building in Ontario devoted to the
teaching of science.
Victoria awards its first B.Sc. to William Renwick Riddell


Mary Crossen (later Burns), the first woman permitted to take the lectures with male students at Victoria College, is awarded the degree of M.E.L (Mistress of English Literature) by Brookhurst Academy and Victoria jointly.


Founding of Acta Victoriana, the longest-running student publication in Canada.
Founding of the Natural Science Association.


First Senior Dinner given for graduands.

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